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Facial coverings are required where social distancing cannot be consistently maintained.
a. This means if a player or coach is within 6 feet of another player or coach, they will have to wear a facial covering. Batters and umpires will be required to wear a facial covering. Batters will be allowed to remove their facial covering when they reach base. All defensive players will not be required to wear facial coverings while on the field.
b. Players MUST wear a facial covering when they are in the dugout (including the extended dugout), in team huddles, and when there is an offensive or defensive conference.
c. Coaches MUST wear a facial covering in the dugout (including the extended dugout), team huddles, during conferences and during the pregame meeting at home plate.
d. Spectators MUST wear a facial covering if they cannot remain 6 feet from other spectators.
e. This facial covering rule is in effect for all USA Softball of Massachusetts events (leagues, tournaments, scrimmages, etc.), whether the team is a Massachusetts based team or out of state team. Just because a state does not have a facial covering rule does not mean an out of state team does not have to follow Massachusetts EEA rules.

Player’s safety is our NUMBER 1 priority. Please follow these guidelines provided by the state to keep everyone safe.
Season starts in a couple of days. Good luck and let’s have a great season.




Opening Day is scheduled for this Saturday May 15th with a rain date of Sunday May 16th.

The schedule is listed below.

09:30 am – U8 Pink Sox Pictures
09:45 am – U8 Hurricanes Pictures
10:00 am – U10 Crush Pictures
10:15 am – U10 Lightning Pictures
10:30 am – U15 Crush Pictures
10:45 am – U15 Lightning Pictures

11:00 – 12:00 – OPENING CEREMONY
12:00 pm – U10 Intensity Pictures
12:15 pm – U10 Haze Pictures
12:30 pm – U15 Ball 4 Pictures
12:45 pm – U15 Thunder Pictures

12:30 pm – Field 1 – U8 Pink Sox vs Hurricanes
12:30 pm – Field 2 – U10 Crush vs Lightning
12:30 pm – Field 3 – U15 Crush vs Lightning
2:45 pm – Field 2 – U10 Intensity vs Haze
2:45 pm – Field 3 – U15 Ball 4 vs Thunder

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Are you a teenager interested in becoming an umpire? You can take part in ASA’s umpire training program.

To register, please visit

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Dear Local Business Owners: Methuen Girls Softball is seeking your financial support for our upcoming 2021season. In 2019, we had over 360 girls from Methuen, ages 7-14 playing in our recreational softball league. Through our program, girls will be taught to improve their softball skills while learning the important values of teamwork and sportsmanship. As a board, we continue to strive for a low cost softball league and continue to work on capital improvements. Through the generosity of our supporters, Methuen Girls Softball League is able to provide low cost softball programs to Methuen’s girls while focusing on making the necessary capital improvements to our facilities.In previous years, we installed batting cages at the Burnham Road complex,we made improvements to our hutand we did maintenance to the YMCA hut and Burnham Road, which enable us to capitalize on hut revenues to support softball programs.
Your donation is also tax deductible as we are recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization. For your records, we will provide you with a letter for your donation with our tax ID number.

Please consider helping our League by becoming a sponsor. All sponsors business name/logo will be displayed on our website:
$350 -Gold LevelBusiness name on a team jersey based on a first come, first serve basisBusiness name/logo on a sign that will be proudly displayed at our Burnham Road facility for theseason.
$250 -Silver LevelBusiness name/logo on a sign that will be proudly displayed at our Burnham Road facility for the season.
$150 -Bronze LevelBusiness name/logo on a sign that will be proudly displayed at our YMCA facility for the season

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Checks can be made payable to “MGSL” and mailed to the address below.

Thank you,
Judy K. Grelle,
Vice President MGSL
97 AdamsAvenue
Methuen, MA 01844

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Calling all Coaches!!! Our young athletes need you.

If you are interested in coaching one of our Spring teams, please click here to complete the Coaches Application and CORI Form. Instructions on where to send them to are on the form.